Friday, March 1, 2013

Date Night

Perfecting the Mr. Tough Guy look

Every Thursday we try to go on a date...and every Thursday we find overly crowded restaurants and long lines of people wanting to do the same! What is it with the overpopulated restaurants around here??

Tonight we set off to one location only to find ourselves with the usual dilemma. Too many hungry people! As we drove along the road we happened upon Umami Burger. The legendary. The place I have been wanting to try forever. The place I have heard so many fabulous reviews on!

You know how expectations are everything in life? Well mine may have been a tad too high tonight. Because when they brought me the legendary truffle burger that should have changed my had absolutely no effect on me. Zero. I bit in waiting for that moment of food delight...and found myself sadly lacking. But still altogether pleased that we had came, seen, and conquered. Better luck to us next time!

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