Friday, August 1, 2014

Taco Wednesday

Since moving to Amman there has been sooo much good and mixed in with it hard times and difficult adjustments. I'm a firm believer in pressing on toward the future and leaving the past behind- the importance of not looking back and comparing. But last week on one beautiful, unplanned, fateful day...we allowed ourselves a brief moment of looking back. Comparing our humble cooking to that of one of our past favorite taco spots!

When we were living in California one of our favorite things to do was hit up Taco Tuesday. Ever since I was a child we have been doing Taco Bell's version of the Taco Tuesday. My family ate enough tacos to win multiple t-shirts. There was some kind of competition going on back in those days. Whatever it was, I'm sure we won. Big families tend to have a head's up in any kind of eating competition. ;) As I grew my Taco Tuesday options expanded greatly. Living on the border of Costa Mesa/Santa Ana there was a plethora of discounted taco options on a Tuesday night. But our indisputable favorite was Cafe Rio and those sweet barbacoa tacos. We used to take turns going early to wait in line for them until we figured out the beauty of ordering ahead on the phone... Bingo!

Since moving away my husband and I have often talked about trying to make them on our own. And last week on that fabulous day- it happened! Thanks to a mouth watering recipe for the meat (but we used chicken- soooo good!) and an amazing tortilla recipe that doesn't use crisco. (Is it weird that I feel healthy because vegetable oil was used instead of crisco?!) I'm telling you, I almost cried from how delicious those tacos were! Thank God for whoever invented cooking and marinating meat in Coke. I'm a big fan!

Amazing Sweet Barbacoa recipe- here
Fabulous "Healthy" Tortilla recipe- here

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