Monday, July 29, 2013

Rise and Shine

Lamb crossing!

11 years old and working at 7 am!

What?!?!?? They weren't open at 7 am...but we'll be back! 

The other day we had to get up and give a friend at ride at 5:30 am. So we took along our camera- since there is always plenty to see here and very few people out so early!

As we drove along the roads we were not disappointed- sheep, goats, beautiful scenery.....and Belgium chocolate! What?! That one was unexpected. Don't worry- we marked the spot on our GPS and we will be back!

We are never up this early during Ramadan. We have taken on the schedule of many around us- staying up very late at night and sleeping in. It's just what you do here. So we appreciated this early morning- to get out in the quiet and see the country. To admire those tending sheep and goats- their discipline and hard work in the morning hours. To see the beautiful creation God has made. We loved it.

And then went home and took a nap :)

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