Thursday, April 4, 2013

Little Plate, Big Meal

I want another one just looking at this!

I think there were 4 avocados in that there guacamole

Every Thursday my husband and I go on a date. Tonight we visited Lola Gaspar. My brother had told us we had to try it. He said he had a nightmare- that he never ate there again. (Our family has a little flair for the dramatic) So when I saw they had specials from 3-6 pm every day I was all about it!

What is it about happy hour pricing that is so thrilling? Sometimes the way I rush us to save that extra $3 is ridiculous. But somehow the food tastes better when you aren't paying full price. Doesn't matter what the rush was to get there, it's worth it!

So my husband and I went straight from work to dinner. Freshening up is over rated! And this time...we were NOT disappointed. We ended up ordering one of each appetizer and not being able to finish them all! My only disappointment was that I couldn't fit an entree in my stomach too.

Great night, great place. Didn't mean for this to turn in to a restaurant review, but look at those food pictures again and I think you will understand!!

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