Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LA Day

How amazing are these mini orchids?

Nothing better than a bacon wrapped hotdog cooked outside a little truck- for real though
My husband loves to shop- I got a good one!

Sporting his $1sunglasses

Last Saturday we decided to venture into Los Angeles. We browsed the flower district, looked at some fabric, and did a little shopping. My little sister is getting married in June so there are always wedding details we are looking out for. I love helping with events and my husband can make just about anything so we are a good team. I was introduced to this area and it's wonderfully low prices when planning for my wedding last year.

Next stop- Griffith Observatory for a beautiful view of Los Angeles and the oh so popular Hollywood out, world! It is a beautiful area to hike around and hang out. On our way back to the car we ran into a ferocious wolf...which we later found out was a harmless fox. (I like the wolf story better) After stopping for Chinese food we made it safely home.

Good day, LA!


  1. Love everything about this, beautiful scenery, people, and food. When I awoke from a restless slumber this morn, I had no idea that the events of the day would lead me to this glorious beacon of hope. You've truly enriched my life with your blogging. It pleases me to an infinite extent that you've married someone who can use a computer. Now that my eyes have been opened, what would a world without be? I shudder to think.

    1. Hahaha- oh my word you have a way with words. When I saw all your amazing comments this morning I was laughing my head off! All day long when I think of them I start laughing all over again! I just love you- you are amazing. I hereby sign my blog over to you.


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